If you’ve recently lost your job, or are just thinking about the future for your career, and wondering if staying in a corporate job is the right thing for your – or if maybe another option exists, I suggest you take an hour and attend Lynn Strigh’s free tele-class. Details from Lynn –>

The Corporate Employee’s “PLAN B” - Transitioning from your corporate job to financial freedom

In order to respond to my clients needs in these uncertain economic times, I am hosting my first F*R*E*E tele-class starting on June 1st at 1PM EST. 

You will benefit tremendously from this F*R*E*E call if:

(1)  You are currently employed in corporate, but not happy with your job because:

  • You are worried about the stability of your job
  • There are salary freezes at your company
  • Bonuses are being eliminated or reduced
  • You are working more hours with less or the same pay
  • Your total compensation package is decreasing (Employee contribution for Health Care is increasing, Employer 401(k) match has been eliminated /cut or Pension plan has been eliminated)

(2) Or… You have been laid off/terminated from corporate and are looking for a new opportunity

This tele-conference will run every Monday at 1:00 PM EST starting June 1st

In order to reserve a spot for a tele-class, please send an e-mail to service@corporatemomscoaching.com with your contact information (name, phone & email address).  Once we receive this information, my team will reserve a spot and send a confirmation e-mail to you.  The confirmation e-mail will also include the date and time of the call, plus the dial in number information.

Please Note:  At the present moment, all transactions for this tele-class will be processed through the Corporate Moms Coaching Website.   Because of the great demand for these services, we are launching this tele-class prior to the completion of our rebranding process (website and company name).  So, please know that all corporate employees will benefit from joining this conference call, not just mothers.

Here are the topics I will be touching upon during this 60 minute conference call on June 1st :

Module #1:  Design your lifestyle (this includes: personal and professional lifestyle) – In this module, we’ll reverse engineer the process in order to determine what is your T*R*U*E lifestyle you want to design for yourself and your family.

Module #2: Corporate VS Entrepreneurial track – In this module, we’ll discuss the Pros and Cons for staying in Corporate and explore what track will help you achieve your lifestyle goals.  As an extra bonus, I’ll give you some secret tips on how to land your next corporate job (even during this recession).

Module #3: Creating your business idea --  In this module, we’ll use three components to determine the perfect business idea that will fuel your passion and your bank account at the same time.

Module #4: Market Research – NOT all business ideas will support your lifestyle and financial goals.  So, prior to taking the next step, we’ll identify your target audience, the services or products your target audience will want to purchase and your competitors who are providing these services.

Module #5: Marketing and Selling ---  In this module, I’ll show you how to become a client magnet to place the right spotlight that will pull your clients towards you.

Module #6: Packages/ Leveraging – In this module, I’ll show you the strategies to position yourself to have multiple streams of income that will recession-proof your business model and your bank account.

Module #7:  Business infrastructure ---  In this module, we’ll discuss what pieces must be in place to support the foundation of your business but won’t bust your budget.

Module #8: Developing a Business Plan – In this module, we’ll pull all of the pieces together from above and create an implementation plan for the next 30, 60, 90, etc. days.

Module #9: Creating the Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur --  You can have the greatest business idea, marketing tactics, and infrastructure, but if you are lacking in the self-confidence or faith department your business will crash and burn.   In this module, I’ll share the secrets that all successful entrepreneurs must have to not only survive but thrive in their businesses.