Heather Floyd has been involved in website and software development for over 20 years and developing with the Umbraco CMS since 2006. She specializes in information architecture and development efficiency. In addition, she has originated and contributed to various Umbraco and .Net-related open source projects.

Heather speaks internationally about Umbraco and is a founder of the NYC Umbraco Meetup group, and has been a member of the Umbraco USA Festival planning committee. She is an Umbraco MVP and currently provides development consulting and blogs at HeatherFloyd.com.

Outside of her interests in business and programming, Heather enjoys cooking, making jewelry, gardening, and entertaining with her family in their Harlem, NYC home. She also has interests in tech diversity, personal development, marketing, and productivity (and she knows that is a bit geeky).

Heather Floyd Mod 1440 Cropped

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