This is a collection of Resources related to Umbraco which I believe will be useful to those who are new the the CMS. I plan to keep this updated. If any of these links break, or you have any suggestions for additional resources, please let me know.

For Agencies

An Agency’s Guide to the Umbraco CMS

In this book I share the best-practices I have gathered from over 20 years of experience in a concise format to give you a quick start with no fluff.

Free E-Course: 5 Ways to Save Time When Building an Umbraco Website

Written especially for agencies new to Umbraco development, this 5-part e-course will share tips on project-management and development to get your Umbraco projects off to a good start.

For Code

Dragonfly Libraries

Open-source NuGet packages for Umbraco and ASP.Net created by Heather Floyd

Umbraco Marketplace

Here you'll find packages that add or extend functionality in the CMS, and integrations to the most popular technology and service vendors in the industry.

For News


UMB.FYI is the free weekly newsletter with links and TLDRs of the most interesting stories in Umbraco !


Each week, on Friday 12:30 CET, Marcin and Callum from The Cogworks - together with their guest(s) will drive you through the weekly news and things Umbraco related.

For Help & Learning

Support forums, package downloads, videos, official documentation, releases, etc.

Skrift Magazine

A monthly magazine for sharing knowledge in the Umbraco community

24 Days Umbraco Advent Calendar

Annual "advent calendar" of community-supplied articles counting down the days in December


Training and how-to videos created by Umbraco HQ Videos

Videos including Codegarden session recordings 2015-2018

Umbraco HQ Vimeo Channel

Videos including Codegarden session recordings 2010-2016

Umbraco HQ YouTube Channel

Videos including Codegarden session recordings 2019

For Community


Continuously updated list of umbraco-related events happening around the world.

Codegarden Conference

The annual HQ-sponsored event held in Denmark.


Umbraco Meetups are happening regularly all around the world.

Umbraco Discord Server

Conversations, announcements, help, etc. You can read the official blog post about it.

Umbraco Community Mastodon Server

This is a mastodon server setup by the Umbraco Community for the Umbraco Community. All Umbraco community members are welcome to sign up and join.

Umbracians in Action Listing

Projects and initiatives run by dedicated members of the community

Candid Contributions Podcast

Podcast where four experienced developers (and Umbraco community regulars): Carole Logan, Emma Burstow, Laura Weatherhead and Lotte Pitcher talk all things open source - from code contributions to conference attendance and aim to cover all aspects of life as an active member of an open-source community.

The Bob & Kevin Show

Podcast from long-time Umbraco community members Bob Baty-Barr and Kevin Giszewski talking about a lot on non-Umbraco tech topics, but frequently chat with with other Umbraco community folks.


There is a dwindling #Umbraco presence on Twitter.

Umbraco Gitter

Another free-form chatting platform. Not currently very active. 

For Contribution


Repositories for Umbraco CMS Core, Documentation (yes, you can contribute to that as well!) and other things.

Umbraco Community Teams

The community teams are an example of the collaboration between Umbraco HQ and the community, and allow a wonderful exchange of insight, feedback and ideas. Teams exist for various Development efforts, along with Accessibility and Documentation.


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