An Agency’s Guide to the Umbraco Content Management System

The Comprehensive “Getting Started” Guide for Digital and Advertising Agencies

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Did one of your clients just ask that their new website be done in Umbraco – and you don’t know anything about Umbraco?

Are you responsible for the success of an advertising or digital agency and want to quickly understand what this “Umbraco” thing is – and whether it would be a good way to grow your business?

This book is for you.

Running a profitable agency is challenging. One way to increase sales is to offer new services, so this overview of the Umbraco CMS will give you some possibilities in that direction.

Also, it’s important that projects be successful in order to be profitable – that the revenue covers the costs, that the budgeted timeline and hours aren’t exceeded, and that the client is delighted with the end result. This book is focused on the sorts of information your team needs to make Umbraco projects successful – especially when you don’t have a lot of previous experience with Umbraco.

My experience with technology and marketing spans over 20 years – with more than a decade focused on the Umbraco CMS. I have been working with Umbraco since version 3 – before there was a proper company behind it, or even a support forum (or official documentation). I have been writing and speaking internationally about Umbraco for several years.

I have led web development projects for clients large and small – in industries such as: Finance, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Personal Training, Coaching/Consulting, and Enterprise Technology Services. I have worked in-house as part of the marketing department, independently as a one-woman agency, and as a full-time developer in small and mid-sized advertising and digital agencies. Now I specialize in “embedding” in successful agencies who are looking to capitalize on my extensive experience developing Umbraco websites to benefit their own clients.

In this book I share the best-practices I have gathered from those years of experience in a concise format to give you a quick start with no fluff.  

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The (Very) Basics of Umbraco
    • Understanding the Basic Structure of an Umbraco Website
    • Umbraco Technology Components & Requirements
    • Front-end and Back-office
    • Programming Concepts for Umbraco
    • Packages: Ready-to-Use Umbraco Functionality
    • Thinking Ahead: “Functionality” vs. “Content”
    • Hosting Options for Umbraco
    • Deployment Procedures for Umbraco Sites
    • How Umbraco Handles Common Website Feature Requirements
    • Where to Learn More and Get Help
  • Chapter 2: Approaching a New Umbraco Website Project
    • New Build/Rebuild vs. Enhancing an Existing Umbraco Site
    • Estimating Costs & Timelines for an Umbraco Build Project
    • Locating Umbraco Expertise for Your Project
  • Chapter 3: Running an Umbraco Development Project
    • Organizing your Team for the Build
    • Setting Up the Right Access and Environments for Shared Development
    • Developing on Umbraco Cloud
    • Developing Without Umbraco Cloud
    • Waterfall and Agile Processes
    • Tools for Distributed Teams
  • Chapter 4: Post-Launch: Leveraging an Umbraco Website Build for Ongoing Client Revenue
    • Monthly Maintenance Packages
    • Umbraco Cloud Hosting Resales
  • Chapter 5: Why Your Agency Should Consider Actively Selling Umbraco Projects to Clients
  • Conclusion

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