Talk Description

If you have a serious web project, you will have at least 2 environments running - your live site plus a development / testing space. Umbraco Deploy (a core feature of Umbraco Cloud hosting, as well as a stand-alone product) is a key part of a smooth, efficient, and confident deployment process for Umbraco-based websites.

Over the years of working on multiple Umbraco Cloud projects with different types of clients, Heather has put together some Umbraco Deployment best-practices to share with you. And, with a look towards the present and future of Umbraco Deploy, there are some exciting new tools available to talk about.

Key Takeaways
- The human and technical sides of deployment: understanding and creating an effective workflow
- Current Umbraco Deploy features and a look towards the future
- A demo of an external open-source package which works in conjunction with Umbraco Deploy to get a better overview of the Content/Media differences between your various environments

Wed June 15, 2022 3:25pm

Slides, Videos, etc.

Slides PDF

Slides Video (no narration, but does include the animated screenshots)

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