Umbraco is a powerful system – as long as you have the right foundation. There is “the Umbraco way” to do things – this isn’t just an ASP.Net MVC site. Choices that you make about how the data is structured will help – or hinder – the rest of your site build before launch, and down the line.

  • Will your site be easy to update – or convoluted for content editors to use?
  • Will your content be reusable – across the site, and even outside the site if later desired?
  • How difficult will it be to change your visual design down the road?
  • How dynamic will your site be? How searchable?

All these things are determined by your architecture.

If your team is experienced with ASP.Net and front-end development, but new to Umbraco, this service can give you the foundation you need for a quality build led by your own team.


Included in the Umbraco Architecture Setup service:

  • Collaborative conference calls to discuss your project requirements – features and design
  • I will personally set up (via the Umbraco back-office of your site) all the Document Types and Data Types needed, along with a high-level setup for the Content section
  • *BONUS* Includes my personal set of “must-have” structures developed over 15 years of website building.


If you’d like even more of a head-start on your development efforts, opt for the Umbraco Architecture Setup + C# Models service, which includes:

  • All architecture setup outlined above
  • Visual Studio solution setup
  • Generation and customization of models for all Document Types and properties
  • Helper code to access various types of content from anywhere in the site (Useful in templates, custom controllers, etc.)


With either service, your architecture setup can generally be completed in a matter of a couple weeks, once your requirements are defined. My goal is a successful website project for you – no matter how many communications (calls, emails, etc.) it takes to get there.

Umbraco Architecture Setup

Design & back-office build-out of project architecture

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Umbraco Architecture Setup + C# Models

Design & back-office build-out of project architecture
PLUS coded data models and helpers

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Not sure which is best for you? Schedule a free Discovery Call to discuss the options.

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