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Looking for a Job Right Now?

How do you leap frog past all of your competition to land the perfect job that fulfills both your passion and your salary needs? Even in a bum economy? – With the right strategy! My dear friend Lynn

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Tips on Capturing July 4th's Fireworks - from my friend, Nikki

If you are planning to head out this weekend for a fireworks display, definitely take a minute before you do to read these helpful photography tips from my great friend, Nikki Incandela.Nikki Incandel

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Thinking About Shifting from Corporate to Entrepreneur?

If you’ve recently lost your job, or are just thinking about the future for your career, and wondering if staying in a corporate job is the right thing for your – or if maybe another optio

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Guest Post on the CHICKS ROCK! Blog

I was invited by my friends over at the Women’s Mosaic to guest blog for their CHICKS ROCK! Blog. Kristina suggested I write about my experience hiring a stylist last spring. Check it out...

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