You do what you do best…and I’ll take care of Umbraco

As an agency, you are expert at what you provide your clients – strategy, UX and design, account and project management. You have talented front-end developers on staff who turn those beautiful designs into brilliant HTML/CSS/JS code… the only thing you need help with is Umbraco. And that is where I come in.

My goal is to understand your project’s requirements – from a functional and a visual perspective – and craft the best possible Umbraco architecture to support those requirements. If you need to integrate with third-party services or data, I can help with that also.

I have worked with teams in many different agencies and have assisted front-end developers to get comfortable with working on an Umbraco site.

Umbraco Website Audit

If you’ve inherited a website created by someone else, and are now in charge of it, a comprehensive Umbraco Audit can give you a clear picture of what you’ve got – the good, the bad, and the potentially challenging.

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Umbraco Architecture Setup

The most essential part of your Umbraco project to get right is the initial architecture. If you have a tight budget, this service is perfect for you.

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Custom Development

I am available to personally shepherd your project from conception to launch. Working closely with your team, I can provide the level of service you need.

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We contracted Heather to help us with an Umbraco project, she did the back-end integration while our team handled front-end dev. She started by giving us an incredibly thorough and detailed breakdown of each component. There were no surprises when it came to cost or timeline. Each week as the project progressed we had internal check-ins where she would keep us up to date on her progress and raise any concerns that may have come up. Our project had some unforeseen items come up and Heather was completely flexible and willing to do what it took to get those items hammered out. In the end, the project turned out great - we are happy, the client is happy. Our team loves working with Heather and will do it again without hesitation.

Amanda Garceau
Director of Technology, Subtext Digital

Heather's knowledge and skill with Umbraco has been critical to the ongoing satisfaction of our clients and project success. Her ability to boil down functionality requests into solutions and action items has made her an indispensable member of all my Umbraco projects.

Jeremy Brochue
Owner/Project Manager, Sidekick Web Services, LLC

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