So, I finally upgraded from Office 2003, which I have been using since, probably, 2003, to Office 2010.

At first I was worried that I would immediately be less efficient because I knew that the UI changed dramatically. Also, I have some Add-ins I rely on, and I knew I would likely need to upgrade those.  Upgrading the Add-ins in Outlook was a little bumpy, but now that it’s all finished, I can safely say that I see Outlook 2010 as an improvement.

One thing which I just learned about today is the “Conversation Clean Up” feature, which I ran on my “reference” folders and immediately deleted 628 redundant messages. Woo hoo! THAT’s going to make my backup file a bit smaller!

I also like the “Social Connectors” which automatically pulls up people’s profile photos and status updates from Facebook or Linked-In when you read an email message or look at a contact. Very cool!

The implementation of the RSS Feeds folder is also convenient (though I wish you could delete and edit feed details by right-clicking the feed folder, whereas you need to go to File > Accounts > RSS Feeds to do that.