Building Grid Layouts 2016 500

uWestFest 2016 Videos Now Online

My talk on the Grid Editor as well as ALL the awesome uWestFest 2016 sessions - online now! Check 'em out.

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Video - Frontend Fundamentals: Working in an Umbraco development team

I had the pleasure of speaking at uWestFest in March and have since created a video version of my talk.

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Don’t Lose Those Software Setup Files!

I bet you have downloaded software from the Internet – either freeware, or paid – which has become an indispensible part of your techie toolbox. So, if you had to replace your harddrive, or move to a brand-spanking new computer, how easy would it be for you to re-install those essential programs?

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Adding Interactivity to Your Site

Interactivity is the essence of “web 2.0” technologies; a dialog taking place between the site owner and the site visitors, and among the site visitors. If appropriate, you might want to explore poss

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Overcoming Technophobia

A lot of people are afraid of technology. I don’t mean in the “HAL-the-computer-taking-over-the-world” sort of way, but a much more mundane sort of fear. Things that we don’t

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