Building Grid Layouts 2016 500

uWestFest 2016 Videos Now Online

My talk on the Grid Editor as well as ALL the awesome uWestFest 2016 sessions - online now! Check 'em out.

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Video - Frontend Fundamentals: Working in an Umbraco development team

I had the pleasure of speaking at uWestFest in March and have since created a video version of my talk.

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Don’t Lose Those Software Setup Files!

I bet you have downloaded software from the Internet – either freeware, or paid – which has become an indispensible part of your techie toolbox. So, if you had to replace your harddrive, or move to a brand-spanking new computer, how easy would it be for you to re-install those essential programs?

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Adding Interactivity to Your Site

Interactivity is the essence of “web 2.0” technologies; a dialog taking place between the site owner and the site visitors, and among the site visitors. If appropriate, you might want to explore possibilities for interactivity on your website.

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Overcoming Technophobia

A lot of people are afraid of technology. I don’t mean in the “HAL-the-computer-taking-over-the-world” sort of way, but a much more mundane sort of fear. Things that we don’t fully understand are often scary, and when the possibility also exists for something to go wrong, we can become especially nervous.

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