In support of an article I wrote for my e-zine today, “The Problem with Flash” I have compiled a few sites that show excellent graphical design without being constructed entirely in Flash.


Examples of What Can Be Done Without Flash:
Shows what can be done graphically with a traditionally conservative business industry.
Click the links. You probably won’t believe this is done without Flash, but it is. Those effects are created using JavaScript and JQuery.
Gorgeous use of background images by talented illustrator and designer, Nick La.
(in case you can’t get enough - a whole gallery of these full-bleed background designs:
A classic of amazing CSS design. (Click through all the designs in the right-hand menu.)
Another portfolio that proves Flash isn’t necessary for sexy effects.
Shows the limitless design options of HTML.


Galleries of Great Non-Flash website design:



An Example of a Hybrid Site

Lest you think I detest Flash in all its incarnations, a sensible example of using Flash elements in an otherwise standard website.
Only the top graphic of the logo and lizard is Flash on this site.