I know this blog is mostly focused on my business, but I know that many of my clients are sole-proprietors working from their home offices, and one of the very BEST things about working for oneself is the ability to have time freedom. Sure, many SBOs (small business owners) are nearly workaholics, but I'm sure many will also happily admit that they do use "office hours" to get personal items taken care of.

So, in an effort to help anyone in this sort of situation, get their holiday shopping taken care of faster, not to mention make the world a better place, I highly recommend the following resources for sustainable shopping.

First, a gift guide from the The Human Rights Campaign Foundation detailing which companies are best about human rights issues:

Secondly, a gift guide (with discounts!) for companies that support sustainable business practices (something we should all be working on for our own companies!). This is provided by Co-op America:

Anyway, happy holidays to everyone!

Originally posted to floydinnovations.blogspot.com, transferred 12/11/2009