Here is a short list of useful reading for those of you just dipping a toe into the blogging waters, or for those of you who are looking for some new tips for bettering your blogging experience. I will possibly be updating this list as new resources emerge.

What Makes a Good Blog/Good Writing

What Makes for a Good Blog? by Merlin Mann (Aug 19 2008) – Merlin’s Blog is a good one to have on hand for your “inspiration” list. Start with this post, which is pretty self-explanatory.

How to Blog: Video - An hour long presentation and accompanying slide deck of a talk given by the aforementioned Merlin Mann in September 2008. (Skip to 00:04:00 to avoid the “housekeeping” junk) Some great stuff about motivations, authentic voice, “niche”, audience, and quality of content) “What is the one thing that only you can do/say?”

Bloggers Beware? (My Post – 7/21/2008) – A post I wrote several months ago about best-practices for citing other websites in your blog posts.

Monetizing Your Blog

Review of Blogging to the Bank 3.0 by Rob Benwell (My Post – 11/4/2008) – A quick read, basic e-book about having a monetized blog.

How to Make Money From Your Blog by Steve Pavlina (5/3/2006) – Though this post is a few years old now, it has some great info. Read it more for the strategy and general tips, rather than as an exhaustive guide to every possible blog income stream.

ProBlogger.Net Darren Rowse’s Website all about blog monetization

Blog SEO, Promotion, etc

How to get your blog posts onto Facebook (My Post – 11/11/2008) – Step-by-step instructions for getting Facebook to pull your blog posts onto your profile.