I had the pleasure of speaking at uWestFest in March and have since created a video version of my talk, below. I hope you enjoy it.

Frontend Fundamentals: Working in an Umbraco development team

Backend-focused developers love Umbraco for its structured flexibility, but frontend developers unfamiliar with the framework might need a little support to work most effectively with Umbraco. Heather has been leading development teams on Umbraco projects for 3 years and will share:

  • “Umbraco 101 for Frontend Developers” – What they need to know to get up to-speed quickly.
  • Tips for site architecture which will make blending frontend and backend work easier and more efficient.
  • Strategies for setting up workflows and shared server environments so everyone can use familiar and favorite development tools.

Backend developers and team leaders will leave with concrete ideas about how best to manage Umbraco projects with diverse teams, and frontend developers will gain insight into the Umbraco mindset of the backend developers they work with.

Video Resources:

SmartGit – GUI Git client (Mac OS X, Windows and Linux)

VS Express for Web