This afternoon I went online to purchase a ticket from USAirways to travel from LGA to visit my family in Pittsburgh. When I arrived at the website, I was asked if I would be willing to try their new website. When I clicked “Yes”, I was redirected to the new site ( and went through the  reservation process without any problems. During the checkout, they offered a “USAirways Club Day Pass” for an additional $40. I was reserving for a direct flight and certainly don’t need to visit their “club” at the airport, so I declined the offer, however, after filling out my credit card info and clicking submit, I WAS charged $40 for the Day Pass.

Figuring that there was some mistake, I telephoned customer support and after 40 minutes and being transferred around, the final verdict was that the $40 was NOT REFUNDABLE. The sympathetic customer service rep suggested that I file a complaint using their form (, which I did. The text of my message to them:

I used you new website to order my ticket this afternoon. During the checkout process, I was offered the option of purchasing a Club Day Pass for $40. My flight is a direct flight. I have no need for a club pass, and am SURE that I selected "NO" for this option, however, once I submitted my order, the Day Pass had been included against my wishes. It seems this is an error in your new website, and I spent over 40 minutes on the phone with various customer service people who only informed me that the $40 IS NOT REFUNDABLE.

I am appalled at this situation.

I have been a customer for many years, a Dividend Miles account holder AND use the USAirways Mastercard and feel slapped in the face by this treatment.

At this point I am very disappointed in my own experience, and want to warn you – if you are purchasing a ticket from their website – DOUBLE-CHECK right before you submit your order that a Club Day Pass has not been included, unless you ordered one.

If I receive any positive response regarding my complaint, I will update this post accordingly. In the meantime – buyer beware.

UPDATE 8/27/2009: I have now been promised a refund – read all about it.